Monday, February 17, 2003

Whatever is physically occurring now, exists. Anything that does not belong to the realm of currently transpiring physical reality does not exist. But this reality itself does not persist as a stable entity from one moment to the next - it is this instability itself, this transpiring (what's that tumbling over the event horizon?). However, we have access to things which do not exist through memory, fantasies, and dreams, which themselves are with specific physical events occuring with(in) the consciousness through which we experience and perceive. There are physical realities that we do not, in fact, in principal can not, perceive. The question for us is: Does it make sense to speak of "non-physical" reality? For example: meaning. How does the meaning of a word exist? More pointedly: Where does it exist? If something exists, we assume that it is localizable in space. If something is "nowhere," how can it be anything? Etc. God is nowhere.

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