Wednesday, March 07, 2001

i'm going on a trip. i hope it will be fun. i just found out henri bergson won a nobel prize. i think that light slips in through the cracks of experience. ice cream tastes good. i am listening to krisiun as I write this. i used to be a christian. turning time inside out and making a hat out of it. do you like my hat? no, I do not like your hat. that's the way it goes some time. leaving aside everything, what do you have? I do not exist, I have never existed and I will not exist. but I will have existed. what am I? my favorite authors are philip k. dick, gilles deleuze, susan choi and chogyam trungpa. who am I? we'll only understand the web when we realize that it is just one thing (and not many). we do not know what the web is.