Tuesday, November 28, 2000

I performed at a fund raiser for something called the "sun unity tower" upon which will be emblazoned a poem written by Sarah Ting the first line of which reads "do you think you are greater than the sun, that shines on everyone?" The irony was that, of all the people in attendance, I was the only one who probably had declared himself greater than the sun. Specifically, in a song I wrote called "I Have Come" I sang: "The seas are brimming with my blood, they're overflowing with my love, I'M BLAzING LIKE TEN BILLION SUNS, so rally round me everyone."
The universe will be destroyed and all things known and unknown will go with it. This includes, among other things, all forms of information and disinformation (check out what that might mean at www.disinformation.com).